Hans @ Libimseti.cz



Hans doing a bungee jump from the Zvikov Bridge,

his girlfriend is watching together with Adrian and Josh.

Bungee jumping from Zvikov Bridge http://www.bungee.cz/en/bungee-jumping-zvikov.asp

2 Responses to “Hans @ Libimseti.cz”

  1. Minty Says:

    First up, great job guys! This website rox.

    Wow! Adrian Kinski! One of my favourate BA models ever. Didn’t I read an interview with George D a few years ago who, when asked if we’d be seeing any more of Adrian, said he’d got disillusioned with the company, wasn’t returning any of their calls and they’d lost contact with him completely? Seems as if he’s still got links with the company (or at least friends with some of their newer performers) whilst steering clear of on-screen work these days. A shame, he still looks awesome and that cock of his was just to die for!

  2. Eric Says:

    Hans Klee is actually one of my personal favourites from the Bel Ami stable, ever since I saw him in Mating Season. I got grace! Sexy lips and beautiful eyes.

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