2 Slovak newspaper articles on George




2 Responses to “2 Slovak newspaper articles on George”

  1. AJ Says:

    What does it say?

  2. J Says:

    Here’s a google translation of it:

    Under the name Lanny seventeen appeared twisted and Nogu as George Duroy largest gaypornohviezdy world


    When you say the experts before gayporna name George Duroy, it is clear that there is talk about characters in stories Maupassantovej. A mysterious man with a poetic pseudonym barber business turned upside down cheesecake and became a legend, which added a new dimension to the world gaypornopriemyslu.
    devised unmistakable style of production, shot one of the all time best selling gaypornofilmov for porn star appeared. The origin Duroyovom read on the internet, perhaps only that comes from Slovakia. While in Bratislava artistic circles is unknown – but as someone else. About Lanny Jánošová only knows that sometimes turns into George Duroya.

    The story of the film as:

    Has already caused a revolution in Slovakia. As a student invented the Performing Arts in Bratislava, he wrote, when the famous zmanažoval šouprogram fujara show. Later continue projects crash genius, Showmix, shaggy gentlemen. For the first time, thanks to his twisted idea sparkled, Noga, Juran, King, Gallovič, Bahul and many others.
    stopäťdesiatčlenný He recruited staff, who played each evening in Bratislava Dome fields, the great interest in the great hall. With the program, students traveled to the Slovak cities. “I remember that the hall had a capacity of Kosice nine hundred people came, and fifteen hundred. People there preliezali windows, “recalling the fujara to show Stano King, one of the five boys singing in the so-called long before the boyband New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys.

    Overtaken by time:

    “Lanny had to smell, he anticipated that this will have on people’s success,” said Eva Pavlikova. Added to it and Stano King. “I worked in eighty-one western style. He did what today is completely normal. Producer and manager. All this came up, pushed, wrote zmanažoval, produced. This was exceptional. ”
    socialist space, constantly under the microscope control, however, was probably Jánošová tight. He emigrated to the United States in Los Angeles he studied directing at the University of California. But when he discovered how many U.S. magazines paid male model, to reconsider its future direction. The guy who allowed Slovakia to recognize the glory of the entire generation now well-known actors, suddenly became the manager, who searched the home in Bratislava offer another kind of young talent.
    “telephone number was then in his mother’s apartment in Bratislava a. .. Poor mom – apparatus there rang without a break, “he told the name of George Duroy three years ago for Czech York Times. When then in California has shown hundreds of photographs with the Slovak boys in American Freshmen magazine said he had never seen such high quality images. Bought them all.


    Before long, Duroy began to shoot well. With a young and beautiful actors. While adult film previously served as drug addicts or steroids cheap musclemen in scenes, the arrival of Slovak producer and director came to pornoscénu professionalism and aesthetics. Duroy knew well that the beauty should invest more.
    Solid and developed characters, smooth, endowed with extraordinary bodies, exclusive twenties boys child faces in an exclusive environment, it all happened registration number filmmaker who launched a career in the Performing Arts in Bratislava.
    They are found on Slovakia, Czech Republic, the Eastern Bloc countries, like the girls in the modeling market became popular goods. A absolutely had to fish in gay water.

    Pragmatic heterosexuals:

    Džob lucrative in its prestigious company Bel Ami, Sweetheart in translation, seek
    pragmatic particularly heterosexuals. “If I had to rely on homosexuals in the life of any film I nenakrútil. You know, everything is just a matter of flexibility, “said Janos us, or Duroy time ago.
    His discovery is particularly Lukas Ridgeston, Slovak considered one of the most beautiful gaypornohercov, Martin Valko, Dano Sulik, Kamil Kraus, Erik Kovac, Tomas Belko and Tommy Hansen. It last met in the Czech Republic as Philip Trojovského that a few years ago joined the Czech reality show Big Brother.
    The boys from the former Eastern bloc created by Bel Ami American celebrity. For example, hardcore film An American in Prague in 1997 became one of the best selling gayfilmov in the world. However, since the films in which they performed, was distributed for Europe, home to its glory and feel. According to Internet records Duroy been shot more than seventy films, first, Lukas’ Story, in 1994 and the last this year.

    Leave the industry?:

    Meanwhile, seventeen probably wanted to comeback after Slovak showbusiness. After the revolution planned to restore the old game of fujara show, but ended up only when the program Gagtime with Miroslav Stefan Nogom and twisted. In 1993 he founded the now defunct company FILMCO where they were four years of his companions and the two humorists already late Stanislav controller. According to the objects of a company should operate in the field of advertising and media.
    Now, as obviously the last twenty years, film producer flying between Bratislava, the United States and other countries where the business started. When we last talked with him, threatened to leave the industry altogether. Movies distributed on the U.S. market and the dollar continues to decline. Bigeye fifties can meet in the streets of Old Town, which has its office.

    Knew nothing:

    At his former classmates Lannyho, although probably guessed, was his main source of income, they say the word false. Pavlíková describes him as an educated, well behaved and totalized boy. “We were very good bunch. He made ​​the evenings, so invite us to himself. He was very fond of boys, was gay, “she said.
    Stano King about his new career, at least according to what is said, knew nothing. “As an entrepreneur striadavo probably worked here in America. But in what area, what he did, with whom he did, it can not tell. Over the past fifteen years I’ve met him maybe twice, and it happened. ”
    When we turned to Miroslav Nogu, at the mention Janos call ended quickly. “Sorry, I have a test, call Mr. twist,” he tried to throw the hot potato to a colleague. Zhovorčivejšia was Eva Pavlikova. “I know that doing something now in the porn industry, but do not know if doing soft, hard, does not know anything more. But if not inclined to do something like this, or I never did not offer any pornoúlohu, “complained the actress with a laugh Nitra Theatre.

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