George Face Pics

8 Responses to “George Face Pics”

  1. trojity rittberger Says:

    krasna stranka.. igor je moj favorit.. todd rosset aj lav ju

  2. Pat Says:

    George is the luckiest man on earth let us see the face of the great god Priapus himself – oh I would fly to slovakia from Canada for the chance to partake in those sweet, sweet delights from his beautiful garden at any cost.

  3. Pat Says:

    I wish someone would let us know who the gay ones are –
    when I see Lukas’girl friend and Sebastians wedding ring part of the mystique is gone

    • Kristian Says:

      The sad fact is that Bel Ami is sinking faster than the Titanic. They can’t compare the crap they put out today to the awesome porn of 10-15 years ago.

      In the beginning They wouldn’t hire circumcised males except Chance for An American in Prague. Now they teamed up with American Corbin Fisher but the results were disappointing.

      One of the things that turn off a lot of Bel Ami’s gay audience was George Duroy saying he didn’t work with “gay boys,” models or staffers. He didn’t bother to explain that in Europe “gay” is considered an over the top queen, not just vanilla wholesome gay guys.

      When Johan Paulik said he was “straight” about 10 years ago he got a lot of hate from fans. He later explained that where he lives is preferable to have a woman as a permanent partner. But he still found men attractive.

      I’ve know many Western/Central European men who told me they have sex with a man or a woman just for the pleasure, but they consider themselves straight. And when it comes to “settling” down they will chose a woman because that’s what’s expected of them.

      The ones I know who are truly gay are Jason Paradis, Tim Hamilton, Claude Cocteau Max Orloff, Ariel Vanean, Mark Vidal, Renato Amoroso, Alexi Orioli, Matt Phillipe, Gio Carrera, Oleg Tarkowoski, Ralph Woods, Ricky Martinez, Tomas Lane, Roman Prada, Christian Bisset, Roman and Sacha Chaykin, Alan Connery, Pierre Delon, Oleg Bronsky, Ivo Soboda, Gilles Marais, John Elliot, Sven Olafsson, and that’s all I now about.

      Lukas wont say, but he is bi, though prefer men better, and Ion Davidov and Sebastian Bonnet the same.

      I don’t know about the new models, they don’t measure up to the original bunch of what I call “The Lukas Ridgeston Age,” when they guys seem to enjoy the sex as if two guys having sex is the most natural thing in the world–and it is.

      So now that Lukas and Johan too are now directing for Bel Ami. George Duroy needs to retire, as he lost his touch, though Marty Stevens still good at direction. Hopefully, Lukas and Co can hopefully bring back Bel Ami to it’s former glory days.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I agree with you about the models..but I still think George is terrific! He has a great eye – but the crop of models has changed mainly due to the times…

      • J Says:

        I’m sorry but the only ones who are gay from your list are Ralph Woods,Ricky Martinez and maybe Alan Connery.

        Another gay Bel Ami model is Andre Pagnol.

        The majority of Bel Ami boys are straight boys who’ve learned gay sex.At least some of them were straight before they began with Bel Ami but now are somewhat bisexual,such as Sebastian Bonnet.Sebastian said in an interview in 2009 that he has a boyfriend in addition to his wife,but that is more like a fuck buddy than an equal partner.(You have to understand that for some people,their sexual orientation can change,and that for many others,they are not clear cut bisexuals.They are like part bisexuals.)

        Only a few are truly bisexual,meaning that they fall in love and lust with guys and girls equally.

  4. insipid Says:

    I completely disagree about EVERYTHING. GD is still putting out incredibly well-done films. Look at Night out or the more recent Seriously Sexy for two really well-done, really hot films. This batch of models is FAR sexier then anything they had back then and, more importantly, seem to enjoy sex with men more.
    Dolph is far better looking then Lukas, in my oppinion and, unlike Lukas is willing to do just about everything- rim-suck-swallow-every time he has sex. In the last films, Lukas in love it was TWO HOURS into the film before Lukas even touched a dick!
    But it’s not just Dolph, who is almost certainly the biggest star, ANY of the core group of stars beats any of the old stars with the exception of Sebastian. Yeah, Dano liked to fuck, but he’d go through whole training sessions without even kissing his partner, Lukas could seem distant and cold and positively bored while having sex. Eric Kovac might as well of phoned it in.
    You can even compare that group with Jean Daniel, Kris Evans, Dolph, Luke and company. Hell, even the minor players such as Dario dolce beat out A team of the Old Bel ami. I’m continuously amazed at how BA gets better year after year.
    Objectively speaking, the sex is hotter, the models are finer and the content is better than anything they had during the Ridgestone era.

    • Krystian Says:

      What you are thinking about Lukas in Love Part 1, where he served more as a camera man. Lukas in Love 2 it’s all about Lukas having a good time.

      Maybe some like Ariel Vanean and Kris Evans (both who claims they are straight and gay for pay) and Dolph. Maybe you didn’t see the right Lukas films, he sucks rims and gets fucked, though not as much as he liked to fuck. Most of Lukas films were done in the 1990’s, where according to Paulik the Czech republic was still conservative.

      Back then the guys looked more natural and the sex was beautiful, sensual, hot and even with a tinge of innocence fun. The guys they have now seem like the traditional one you’d find in Corbin Fishes and Sean Cody amongst others.

      I was trying to find a board where I was reading all the comments against George Duroy for having the Peter twins not only fucking but going at it bareback. I did notice that Bel Ami had a tendency to pair guys that looked alike, almost like brothers, but the Peter twins have created a storm in the gay community in general–for and against.

      While the Peter Twins fucking doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t turn me on either. What I have gotten out of it is George Duroy’s hypocrisy in insisting that he doesn’t “work with gay boys and he doesn’t employ gay staff.” But he does love the gay money that buys his DVDs.

      Duroy insists that there is a family atmosphere at Bel Ami, but pictures of him with some of the models don’t look like father and son.

      Duroy always makes disclaimers that the all the boys are from good families and decent guys. I agree a person can be from a good family still be decent and do porn. I don’t confuse decency with chastity. What irks me about Duroy’s politics is his own hypocrisy in which he has gotten caught.

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