Tim @ Gayromeo.com


Escort ID = 4369789


9 Responses to “Tim @ Gayromeo.com”

  1. Shaun Says:

    This listing has been dropped, but if you look not under escorts but under the general people catagory there is a social listing for a “Tim Hamilton” with no fotos.

    Don’t know if this is “Tim” or not

  2. Shaun Says:

    Tim is now currently listed BOTH as an “Escort” under one searchable listing, and additionally as a “User” under another.

    He has a reputation for being a bit difficult–read his reviews at various sites before you invest.

    • peter Says:

      You are stupid idiot Shaun. you never meet me and you will be saying that im difficult? come to tell me this bulshits to my eyes!!! i hatte horrybl people , with smell from mouth and totaly dirty like you!!

  3. Michael Says:

    Now under the escort listings there is a “Tim Hamilton” that says he is available as a “no sex” escort and tour guide. Possibly a total fake. Be wary of it and any requests for advance fees.

  4. Michael Says:

    “Tim” has now [6/28/09] dropped his “Escort” listing at http://www.GayRomeo.com, possibly because of a number of negative Guest Book comments there. He is still listed a a “User” there, promoting his “guide” services in Prague.


  5. Prague Visitor Says:

    Someone apparently pretending to be “Tim” is now listed at Gay Romeo as “TimHamiltonPornoStar” with a “user” listing with no photos.

    He engages in an initial exchange at the site, asks for a wire transfer deposit, and then vanishes and bans you from further contact. He will not verify his identity or send any current pics through the site. No statements from happy “friends” are posted in the “Guestbook.”

    • peter Says:

      who are you , you stupid idiot!!!i never usk money beffore you stupid silly!! i will find out your IP adress and making a law trouble to you !!!

  6. Not A Hamilton Fan Says:

    The “TimHamiltonPornoStar” listed as a “User” at http://www.GayRomeo.com appears to be a total fake. The posting has no photos, no one fron the site listed as a “Friend” and no “Guestbook” comments of any kind.
    The person engages in a dialogue, apparently for their own entertainment, and then vanishes either because you refuse to sent a wire transfer, or you try to get serious about actually meeting in person in Prague.

    Don’t think this is in fact “Tim” and can’t blame him, but suggest you don’t waste your time or worse your money on this apparent total fake.

  7. peter Says:

    I dont know guys what are you saing here , but alot of you , are just fakes and never meet Tim in reall. He was my boy for 2 years , i was meeting him every month , and he is one of the best , he has a mazing body and his personality is on eof the best one i never saw. He never watch the time. He even do more then one hour , over night with him was just mazing.He is always talking and very smar conversation. Nice clothes wearing so nobody can see hat he is esorting. He is one of the top. And oyu can see in his guesbook on gayromeo as well lots of people love him. I think the stupid thinks what you are writing here guys , you must be horrybl looking one and horrybl smell one , so im not suprise if Tim pissd you off. On the last i can say , book him if you have money and wana have good service and time. cheers peter

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